" Hand Made Fine Jewellery Created with the Essence of the Past "
In all Kaurum creations the archetypal  symbols and geometric shapes are really
important,as well as the fluid and organic forms, emulating ancient art and nature.

But there is an element that makes Kaurum jewelry a timeless and magical pieces,
the central Semi sphere that makes up each of our intricate creations and represents
in a symbolically form, "the divine vessel, the cup of desires".

In this vessel, the wearer of a Kaurum jewellery can receive the sacred and divine
blessings of the different deities and cultures of the world ... Connecting with the
ancient past as an oracle.

Therefore, this piece of 18 Kt Gold is so important for Kaurum and always has the
official seal stamped in the center, to enhance the power and beauty of every creation.
The creative process starts with a first flash of light and dreams and it is
formed directly from some where to the open mind of a jewellery designer.

The sketching process is really interesting especially when it starts in your mind,
because inside your brain you can play with all points of view of your new piece.

You can move all different elements that make it up, setting different gems or
coloring the surfaces, modeling forms, texturing... All this process in a mental travel.

Later, all is do it and you can start to draw in a paper all important details
hidden in your mind that compose the jewellery piece.

Between ink, pencil and shadows, the jewelry piece begins to take shape in the world of
real life ... At this moment, your dreams become timeless an real  treasures.
Precious Gemstones are the most beauty, shinny, pure and colored treasures
ever given from our respected and admired mother earth.

The magic that emanates from some special and delicate precious gemstone can
transform the hardness of the metal in a delicate and shinny piece of art.

With high quality gemstones, we create contemporary pieces crowned by the most valued
gemstones since ancient times as Rubi, Emerald, Sapphire, Tanzanites, Diamonds...

Also we use other unknown gemstones as Olivine, Kyanites, Kunzites or Diopsides...
with a colored intensity and crystal purity to make dream any one. Also we do not use
synthetic gems, glass replicas or derivatives.

We collaborate with Gemologist from different parts of the world  to get important
Collector Gemstones for our One of a kind, Bespoke or Masterpieces with it's own
Official Purity / Origin Gemstone Certificate.
Filigree method is really ancient, with more than 4.000 years of antiquity,
this is the most delicate and intricate soldered technique to create special
designs and recreate fluid forms and interesting patterns.

Kaurum usually uses this ancient technique to create richness and powerful designs
to represent as a symbolical form, different ancient movements and art trends.

Using 18Kt or 24kt solid yellow Gold or Sterling Silver thread,
we can get some surfaces with chromatic contrast between
dark bases and polished and shinny filigrees.
Another interesting and complex goldsmith practise is to create surfaces
with the ancient technique of granulate.

This process requires of a big concentration because the artisan need to soldier
all metal grains in to a metal foil or surface before this small grains start to melt.

With this ancient method we get timeless and complex designs full of character,
texture and bright, with the authentic essence of the past decorating some surfaces.

Traditional granulate can be made with small grains of 24Ct Gold ( No more than a
millimeter). Also can be made with other grains more bigger if it's required.
Gemstone setting is the final touch to get the piece of jewellery with all
it's shinny, power, and vibrant colored finish.

This is the last but not less important process, here the hand precision
of the stone setter is really important to insert the gemstone in it site
with enough care to do not grating or breaking the precious gemstone.

The most important is to get a good and protected position for the gemstone
to provide the maximum durability, as well to get the most exposed and
beautiful position in our piece of jewellery.
Hammering is a really antique processes from the forge to embossed or
textured surfaces, this process requires of ability and precision.

With hammering we can get a really big spectrum of textures, shapes
and different volumes that enrich the artistic work goldsmith.

From hammer textures emerge from the jewelry pieces the feeling
of antiquity creating bulging surfaces as if the passage of time had
molded the metal surface.
Discover the secrets that each of Kaurum creations carries.
Crafted with patience and special care, to emulate
the grace and subtle beauty of the ancient Jewellery.

The manual modeling of the metal fused with the precious gems
and the irregular embellishments makes Kaurum Jewellery
an exclusive, genuine and timeless  experience.

The Kaurum commitment, is to emulate ancient goldsmith with the natural
timeless " imperfection" of 100% hand made creations in ancient style.  

* Kaurum allows the wearer to connect spiritually with the mythical past *
The most complicated process is soldering using ancient techniques ( Not Laser)
that requires patience, precision and intuition to achieve the desired results.

A difficult maneuver in which the goldsmith must achieve with the help
of the hand torch raise the temperature of both metals or surfaces to be welded at the
optimum level so that the weld or fusion point awakens and fuse all pieces in one.

According to the thicknesses and shapes of the metal as well as the alloys,
the welding process can take hours or even months...

With this process, the Goldsmith can attach different pieces as filigrees or granulate
in every surface creating richness and beauty designs full of textures and effects.
From the ancient times were humanity learn the ability of melt metals,
this technique is used to fuse some different metals to create metal alloys.

Also, this melting process is used to create new pieces using plaster models,
to melt balls of metals or other forms that latter will be Gold or silver foils,
threads, rings...

This is a complex process and sometimes really dangerous which requires
great professional goldsmith experience and skill, because metals need to get
high temperatures that the metal must acquire before reaching the melting point...

Everything that touches melts it, even the skin!
Dreaming with ancient cultures and loving their magnificent art is the unique
form to create special and unique contemporary jewellery designs impregnated
with the essence of the past...

Kaurum jewellery is Inspired by the most powerful and opulent kingdoms
of the human story such as Egyptian, Greek, Persian, Aztec or Roman...

We try to simulate the ancestral spirit avoiding copying or reproduce the exact style and
design of the original creations from our ancestors, to enhance respect to their authentic
ancestral goldsmith art works; increasing our own creativity and values.

With all this inspiration, we manage to create Jewellery full of soul and emotion
as the ancient treasures recovered from temples, tombs and coffers forgotten in time...

Using ancient hand made goldsmith techniques as filigrees, forge, granulate, hammering
or soldering, we can get the authentic sensation and feeling of antique pieces of art.
The Metalsmith alchemy is one of the most intense and interesting processes
in the Goldsmith creation always using ancient techniques.

As a passional relationship between elements and the artisan abilities,
this alchemical process fuses the power of metals, fire and gemstones
with the natural skills and ingenious of the metalsmith artisan.

The Goldsmith alchemy, is full of passion, love, dreams and sometimes pain...

Get the authentic control of fire, reach the enough knowledge to recognize
the point of fusion of metals and metal forge among other techniques,
is a really hard work that requires a lot of patience and practice.

For this reason, is really important to know the real work behind every jewellery design.

KAURUM do not use High Technology, 3D design/ Prints or cut and soldering with laser. We also do not usually use wax molding.

For us is really important get the true essence of the past in each jewellery piece using 100% hand made working methods,
that revalue the price of every piece of jewellery and it's artistic work at the highest level compared with digital designs and
production in large scale.
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